Customer Education

ATM Skimmers

Fraud trackers continue to report a rise in ATM skimmer attacks across the country. The FICO Card Alert Service monitors thousands of ATMs in the US, and they continually report the highest criminal activity at ATMs in non-bank locations. Machines located at convenience stores are most susceptible to compromise. Skimming attacks in earlier years were targeting big-city banks on the east and west coast, but today’s skimming attacks are happening all across the country. Local news stations have reported skimmers on ATMs in Wichita in recent months. These devices are typically undetectable by users and can be found on ATMs anywhere—especially those you don’t typically utilize. Please take the steps below to protect yourself, and avoid becoming a victim of card fraud.

How might you be impacted? If you use an ATM with an attached skimmer, the device captures the information on the magnetic strip and hidden cameras capture your PIN when you enter it. Once fraudsters have this information, they are able to create counterfeit cards and make purchases against your account. 

How can you protect yourself?

  • Maintain updated phone numbers and email addresses at the bank, in the event we need to contact you for attempted card fraud.
  • Sign up for email card alerts to receive near real-time alerts for transactions associated with your Central Bank debit cards.
  • Notify us if you’re traveling to places outside your typical card-use area. 
  • Avoid ATMs in unfamiliar areas, especially those that are not well-lit.
  • Whenever possible, utilize ATMs installed at bank locations, as non-bank ATMs make easier hacking targets for scammers.
  • Be especially cautious when withdrawing cash on weekends. That is a prime time for thieves to install skimming devices, as they know banks will not be open for at least 24 hours.
  • Cover the PIN pad with your hand while entering your PIN.
  • Monitor your online banking and bank statements for any unusual activity, and contact the bank immediately to report any unauthorized charges or withdrawals.

Central Bank and Trust Co. takes seriously the security of your account and personal information. Help us provide you the best chance to protect yourself from ATM skimmer attacks and other card fraud by calling or visiting one of our branch locations to sign up for card alerts and to update your contact information.